evolve show 3 – Occupy Wall Street, D17, Duarte Square, Occupy 2.0

Evolve had the privilege of being with Occupy Wall Street as they took back the commons on December 17, 2011. Below are videos of this event, the first by WBAI Pacifica Public Radio, and the rest by Optimystic1.

Among the other experiences of that day was the privilege of speaking into the people’s mic. Following is a transcript of the spoken words. -Optimystic1


Our ideal of creating a sustainable, just and peaceful society is possible. Everything needed to create the necessary paradigm shifts in the way we do business already exists. We can choose to do things differently. It is a matter of our collective choices as people.

This is a time unlike any other time in human history. It is a time of a Global Renaissance for the human family. It is a time for flowering of the collective human consciousness. We know that our technological powers are increasing exponentially; now, we allow the capacities of the human heart to grow exponentially as well. The Global Renaissance is happening as we allow it to happen in our own hearts.

We choose to love each other, and take care of each other, as we have in all our camps. We choose to see that we all eat earth, all breathe air, and are all blood. Indeed, the blood in our bodies is the water of the Earth! 100% need the same ecosystem for survival!

We are one human family. This is our time to collectively awaken!

• We share one planet, we must protect it!

• We must share our resources!

• We have enough to take care of each other!

• We will learn to live together in peace!

• Do not be afraid!

• Peace is the immutable power!

• The power of peace protects us!

• The light of love surrounds us!

• The presence of peace watches over us!

• Wherever we are, love is, and all is well!

• Thank you police for protecting us!

• Thank you young people for your hope!

• Thank you everyone for your courage!

• Have a joyous, love filled and peaceful day!

• You can not evict an idea whose time has arrived!

• We are unstoppable, another world is possible!

• We are unstoppable, another world is possible!


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